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$125 Per Boat to Register!
The REDTROUT SHOOTOUT fishing tournament will be on Saturday, May 18, 2019.
It is the responsibility of the captain, crew and anglers to understand and abide by the Tournament’s rules including any special instructions or changes that may be announced during the Captain’s Meetings. The REDTROUT SHOOTOUT expects the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship from its participants. Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship or violating game laws will be subject to disqualification.
Registered boats and anglers must comply with all Federal and Florida state laws regarding fishing licenses, size limits, bag limits, permits and any other regulations that may apply.
This is a Team event. Entry fee is $75.00 per angler if received before or on May 12, 2019. After May 12, 2019 the entry fee is $95.00 per angler. The final deadline for entry by any means is 7:30 p.m., May 16, 2019 EST at the Captain’s Meeting. Tournament entry allows up to four (4) anglers to fish in the tournament per team. Only tournament registered anglers are permitted on the boat. No changes are permitted in team members after the conclusion of the Captain’s Meeting. All team members must fish from the same boat. Entry fees are nonrefundable.
At least one team member from each Team must attend and sign the attendance sheet at the Captain’s Meeting held at Bumpa's on May 16, 2019 at 7:30 pm
7:00 am EST – 5:00 pm EST Saturday, May 18, 2019.
Eligible species for the tournament are Redfish & Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout). Each team is allowed to weigh one redfish and one trout.

Redfish: Not less than 18" or more than 27"

Trout: Not less than 15" or more than 20" except one fish over 20" per person
All fish must be caught on rod and reel. No line (mono or braid) restrictions. Live, dead and artificial baits are permitted. Treble hooks are permitted for LURES ONLY. No treble hooks are allowed for live- or dead-bait fishing. All fish must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner. Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited. All anglers must fish from their boat – wade fishing is prohibited. No fishing of pre-baited holes or holding of holes at anytime. No outside assistance whatsoever during tournament hours. No marina fishing, pet fishing or fishing boat ramps. Tournament officials may come aboard your vessel and inspect at any time.
Lines in at 7:00 am
Any boat requiring assistance shall notify tournament officials and obtain assistance from Tow Boat U.S. or other Tournament approved towing service. No prize money will be awarded to a team that renders or receives assistance to or from another boat.
If you don't have fish to weigh and do not check in at the weigh station, please contact tournament staff by phone (850) 528-0553. It is important for the tournament to know that each boat is back to port with all participants present and accounted for.
Teams do not have to check out with officials on the day of the fishing tournament. Once you have attended the captain's meeting, tournament registered teams are permitted to launch their boats at any boat ramp of their choosing. However, all teams must Check In by 5:00 pm at Bass Pro Shops, Tallahassee, Florida.
All fish to be considered for scoring must be weighed on the official scale at Bass Pro Shops. Scales will open at 3:00 pm and will remain open until all fish are weighed. All teams must pass the designated check-point and/or be recognized by tournament officials at Bass Pro Shops by the end of the fishing day (5:00 pm). It is the team’s responsibility to make certain that tournament officials acknowledge your team.
No angler may manipulate the weight or length of any fish with the intent of gaining an advantage over other tournament competitors. All fish must be weighed in on the day caught. All fish entered must be in acceptable condition. The Weigh Master will reserve the right to disqualify any fish entry because of poor fish condition, mutilation, or being tampered with in any way. All fish weighed by the tournament may be subject to a gut check after weighing at the discretion of the Weigh Master. Any fish found to be in violation of this rule will be disqualified. The decision of the Weigh Master shall be final and non-negotiable.
Winners will be determined by the combined weight of (1) legal redfish and (1) legal spotted seatrout. In the case of a tie, the first team registered will be determined the winner.
Prizes will be determined after the close of weigh-in on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Bass Pro Shops. Prizes will be awarded at the Tournament Awards Ceremony. All prizes must be claimed by at least (1) member of the winning team in person at the Awards Ceremony. Prizes not claimed in accordance with these rules remain property of the tournament.
Optional bonus categories include Big Red, Big Trout, Red w/ The Most Spots and Luck of the Draw. Bonus categories for Big Red & Big Trout cost $50 ea. PER BOAT and pay $1000 for each bonus category. Redfish w/ Most spots & Luck of the Draw are $25 ea. PER BOAT and pay out $500 for each bonus category.
All protests must be in writing and submitted to the Tournament Director by noon (12:00 p.m.) EST on the 7th day following the day of the tournament weigh in along with a deposit of $200. If the alleged violation is found to have occurred, the deposit of $200.00 will be refunded. If the Weigh Master/Polygraph Examiner finds no violation, the deposit will not be refunded. The decision of the Weigh Master/Polygraph Examiner will be final.

Any team and/or individual participant who refuses to cooperate with the investigation of any protest filed in accordance with these rules, shall be deemed in violation of these rules and subject to immediate disqualification. Cooperation with such an investigation includes, but is not limited to, the taking of additional polygraph examinations.

In the event than an individual participant and/or team is found to have violated tournament rules, the Tournament Director may, in his sole discretion, penalize said team and/or individual participant and the penalty may include forfeiture of all prize money awarded to the team and/or participant found in violation and disqualification in future tournaments. The Tournament Director’s decision on any penalty shall be final.

In the event an individual participant and/or team found in violation of tournament rules refuses to comply with the Tournament Director’s prescribed penalty (ie...refuses to return prize money), said individual and/or team shall be liable for all costs associated with the enforcement of said penalty including reasonable attorney’s fees. 

The tournament will not be canceled or postponed due to weather or sea conditions. Entry fees are non-refundable.
All registered anglers agree to submit to a polygraph test if requested to do so by Tournament Officials. Refusal to take the test will result in immediate disqualification. Polygraph test results are final and winners are not official until test results are obtained. Individuals who are judged by the polygraph examiner to be impaired by drugs or alcohol will be disqualified. Disqualified anglers/teams forfeit any and all entry money, prizes or prize money, and are refused entry to future Team H2O events. The decision of the polygraph examiner is final.
All persons participating in the Tournament hold harmless and indemnify Tournament Staff, Tournament Sponsors, and their respective officers, directors, members, agents and employees and all other persons directly or indirectly connected with the operation of the tournament from any liability, claim, loss, damage, injury or harm to any entrant, participant, their companions, family, boat captains, crew members, vessels or equipment arising from any act, omission or negligence whether directly or indirectly arising from the operation of the tournament.

As additional consideration for participation in the Tournament, All team members agree to be bound by the Tournament Rules as amended and hereby authorize and grant to The RedTrout Shootout, the Tournament Sponsors and Tournament Staff their employees, agents and assigns the right to photograph them and use their picture, silhouette, and other reproduction of their physical likeness or voice (as it may appear in any still camera photograph, and or motion picture film or videotape recording) in and in connection with it’s use in video recordings, television, advertising or other publicizing of the Tournament.